Shelly is a typical small town Mom overwhelmed with laundry, kids, work, bills and a household to run while trying to just make it through each week. Sane. When her and her husbands' lives finally start looking up-a nightmare occurs. Now, not only do they have to live in a house riddled with autism, Celiac disease and ADHD-Shelly just learned she has advanced breast cancer.

Knowing that age 35 she wouldn't have many others to confide in, she turned on her laptop and started blogging. "Dear Cancer," she writes, "You have put me through HELL. For the last 71 days you have invaded my life, messed up my family and made me cry. I think you are a mean, spiteful bastard that doesn't realize I already have enough on my for all of the hell you have put me through and all of the hell yet to come all I have to say to you is 'bring it'. Go ahead: BRING IT. See, what you DON'T know about me, and what not many people know about me, is that I am a fighter...You may sometimes bring us stress & anger & strain & burden, but have you met my kIdS?!?! You got NOTHIN' on them! They have kicked my a$$ on a daily basis for years in preparation to fight you. They have hardened me, made me stronger & made me who I am I can take you down. I have no other choice than to go through this, so I may as well bring my 'A' know the one. The one where I beat your ass & you never come back. F*ck off and die."

Strength, courage, humor, and plain old stubbornness gets her through so many awful procedures. Her sense of humor helps her laugh at her self with confidence-keeping her 'up' more than 'down'. When her close knit Wisconsin community rallies together to support her family (and her blog!) she realizes she was never fighting this demon alone. Gathering strength and love from them-she pushes through and then past the "cancer mom" stigma to become a small business owner, Author, and SURVIVOR.

Jones' memoir pulls her readers in to experience her actual day to day while going through an aggressive, advanced form of cancer. It is dark at times, emotional, humorous, and straight up REAL. No other book about breast cancer provides the informative raw emotion that Boob Envy shares.           

(c) Shelly Jones 2012

It's Time To
Kick Cancer's Ass.